What Are Some Natural Ways To Stop Premature Ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation Naturally

Premature ejaculation is a very common sexual condition that is found in 40+ men. However, this also affects some men at a young age. This not only affects men’s sexual satisfaction but also their relationships. But here are some natural ways that you can easily use to find the main cause and also overcome this problem. 

This article will explore different natural techniques and strategies to help you treat this problem. We also delve into some tips for partners and discuss when to consult with a health professional. So read on to learn about how to cure premature ejaculation naturally. 

Understanding the causes

Before knowing how to cure Premature Ejaculation Naturally, you have to know about its symptoms and the underlying causes that can affect it. The following symptoms can impact the overall health of a person, which may include biological, psychological, hormonal,or some other health diseases. 

Biological Factor

Some men go through hypersensitive ejaculatory reflexes. It is a type of condition in which the nerve becomes so sensitive that a small experience can lead to ejaculation.  

Hormonal Imbalance

It is another contributing factor in PE. A change in your hormones can cause this problem and the main hormone that is responsible for that is serotonin. It plays a major role in the ejaculation process. It can affect the man’s ability to perform well or maintain ejaculatory control. Low serotonin can cause hypersensitivity and decreased control over your ejaculation. It is important to consider that hormonal imbalance is also a factor in ejaculating fast. 

Prostate Issue

It is a very common factor that is responsible for premature ejaculation naturally because it is related to the male reproductive system. Problems like this increase the size of the prostate and cause an interruption in the function of the prostate gland. It is crucial in the making of semi-fluid. Any interruption in the whole process can affect ejaculation control and cause heightened sensitivity in that area. Take a doctor’s advice if you think that you have some symptoms that can cause a prostate issue. 

Psychological Factors

Some mental illnesses, like stress, anxiety, and depression, can lead to hasty sexual climax. Other things, like past relationship abuse or trauma, can also lead to this. Using some relaxation techniques and proper communication, a person can reduce the symptoms of premature ejaculation naturally. 

Natural Techniques and Strategies

There are various techniques and strategies but here are some common ones that are very helpful to reduce or delay premature ejaculation naturally without any side effects. 

    1. Pelvic floor exercise

This exercise includes many types of pelvic muscle movements. In this movement, you have to squeeze your pelvic muscle and increase its control. This will help to increase a person’s proper control over their feelings and ejaculation. 

    1. Squeeze technique 

It is a well-known technique to reduce the chances of Early Ejaculation. Using this technique, a person can increase their sexual performance. When a man anticipates the climax, his partner squeezes and holds the base of his penis for a few seconds. so that he can relax, and the ejaculation gets delayed. 

    1. Start-stop technique 

Another technique that is used to treat premature ejaculation naturally is the start-stop technique. A lot of people use this technique to delay or reduce the symptoms of PE. To properly use this technique, you have to stop having sexual activity when you feel that the climax is about to happen. Partners or a single person can use it. This method helps people have control over their sexual responses and extends the time before ejaculation. 

    1. Practice deep breathing

The other way to treat premature ejaculation naturally is through deep breathing exercises. While engaging in any sexual activity, take a deep breath to relax your body. It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Which indirectly reduces the level of PE. 

    1. Use herbs 

There are some types of herbs that are used to increase stamina and reduce the symptoms of PE. There are herbal medicines like ashwagandha, tribulus, and ginseng commonly used for the Quick Release of Semen. By using this herb, you can cure premature ejaculation naturally

    1. Explore different options 

A couple or partner can explore different intimacy options by having open communication. They can do some normal foreplay that doesn’t include sexual penetration. By gently touching each other, they can both experience good pleasure. 

    1. Take professional Help 

If any of these techniques and strategies don’t show any good effect on your condition, talk with your PCP about this at that time. By seeking professional help, they can tell you the proper cause and also give you the proper treatment. 

These are some techniques and methods that you can use to cure premature ejaculation naturally

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Tips for Partners

PE does not only depend on medications and techniques. Premature ejaculation naturally involves many things and in that sense, a good relationship between partners is important. So here are some tips for partners so that they can overcome this problem together. 

    1. Open communication

Communicating and being honest with your partner about your condition and feelings that are related to PE helps you reduce your mental illness, and having this type of discussion is beneficial for both partners. 

    1. Be Supportive 

Give each other emotional support and reassurance. Tell your partner that you are always there for them, and we will find the solution to this problem together. By doing these things, it will help a person prepare mentally. 

    1. Patience is a key 

The process of curing swift ejaculation is a little bit time-consuming. It will take time to show some good results. So you and your partner need to have patience with the positive result. 

    1. Avoid blame and anger 

When your partner is going through a situation like PE, you need to avoid blaming him or showing anger toward him. Try to understand that it is a common sexual problem that can happen to anyone. 

    1. Experiment with different things

Explore different techniques and strategies while going through PE. Trying different things helps to decrease the chances of untimely release of semen and also helps your partner feel comfortable during intimacy.

    1. Promote Relaxation

Another factor that is responsible for sexual problems like ED and PE is stress and anxiety. Doing some relational exercises like yoga, meditation, and deep breathing can help reduce stress and anxiety and improve your condition. 

    1. Experiment with lubrication

The use of thicker lubrication may help reduce friction and discomfort during sexual activity. So explore different lubrications with your partner.

    1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle  

Sexual problems also depend on the person’s lifestyle. So if a person is having a swift  climax, you have to suggest they follow a healthy lifestyle. This includes a balanced diet, some physical exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight. All these factors can improve overall sexual health. 

Seeking Professional Help

In most cases, normal medication and intrusion can cure premature ejaculation naturally. But in some circumstances, professional help is required, and here are some scenarios in which such help is advisable. 

    1. Persistence of Sudden sexual climax

You need medical guidance if you have a PE that won’t go away while you’re sexually active or if you’ve tried all the medicine or other things and still don’t feel better. 

    1. Psychological Distress 

A person with premature climax has a lot of mental problems, such as stress or worry. In that case, the person needs to see his GP in order to get over these mental issues 

    1. Medication-related issue

Certain medicines can cause this ailment in some people. In this case, any help from health workers is very important. If you follow the directions and don’t take any medicine, you can get rid of it. 

    1. Lack of sexual satisfaction 

It would be smart to get some help with sex therapy when both partners aren’t getting what they want from the relationship. After getting some help from a sex expert, you can try out different ways to get complete satisfaction.  

    1. Relationship Strain 

Some people find sex therapy helpful with their relationship when it gets tense. It will help a partner figure out what the main problem is and how to talk to each other better to solve it. 

    1. Complex case 

There are some ejaculation issues that are very hard to treat or don’t respond to physical or mental therapy. So that person can see a medical practitioner, urologist, or sex therapist and get specific medicine and advice on how to get better. 

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In the end, there are some natural ways that can help you reduce the symptoms or maybe cure premature ejaculation naturally. This includes many factors like your mental health, physical health, and psychological health. Always remember that all these natural remedies, techniques and any Medicine For Premature Ejaculation only show some effective results. 

A person’s ejaculation is better under control when they consistently follow the directions and usage guidelines provided by their healthcare provider, which also increases their sense of self-worth and satisfaction with their partner. People who use these natural techniques and remedies can effectively treat uncontrollable ejaculation and improve their overall sexual health. 


To stop premature ejaculation naturally, you need to do some kegel exercises, relaxation exercises, and the start-stop method. 

There is no such thing as a fast way to stop premature climax. However, by using different methods and techniques, you can increase the effectiveness of reducing PE.

Yes, there are some herbs like ashwagandha, ginseng, and tribuls that are used to treat it. 


  • Open communication
  • Incorporate modifications to their lifestyle
  • Enroll in therapy
  • Use lubricant or a device while having sex.

Yes, consuming certain foods can affect your sexual performance and stamina. As a result, it can cause PE. 

This cream and spray are used to delay hasty sexual ejaculation. But it can also reduce the pleasure between partners.

The best exercise to cure premature ejaculation naturally is kegal exercise. This includes the movement of pelvic muscles, which increases your timing and performance in bed. 

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