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Users can always view the current version of the PromensHealthcare Terms and Conditions at this link. Promenshealthcare.com and these terms and conditions may be subject to periodic review and updating at any time. We will not be held liable for the user’s failure to monitor this page for updates, as it is ultimately their obligation to do so. After any modifications, if you use or access the website again, you agree to abide by the new terms.

Medical Warnings

Please note that the information provided on or via PromensHealthcare.com, including but not limited to text, photographs, attachments, downloads, and any other content, is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace the diagnosis, advice, or treatment provided by a licensed medical professional. We suggest that always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified medical professional with any concerns you may have regarding your health.

Nothing on PromensHealthcare.com should be construed as a recommendation or endorsement of any particular test, procedure, product, opinion, or other information. Promenshealthcare.com, its employees, editors, guest writers, and other visitors give their content and opinions for informational purposes only.

General Conditions

Your use of PromensHealthcare.com is for your own individual purposes only. It is not for commercial use, nor is any of the other content on this website.

Promenshealthcare.com is restricted to those over the age of 18.  By using this website and agreeing to these terms, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old. 

You agree that you will not, without our prior written consent, copy, reproduce, sell, resell, or exploit any portion of Promenshealthcare.com

The headers that we have used shall not in any way limit or otherwise affect these terms. The reader will find them helpful, and that’s the only reason why they are provided in this

manner. All former or current talks or proposals, written or oral, between you and PromensHealthcare.com with respect to your use of the website are hereby superseded by these terms and conditions and our privacy policy.  There are no other conditions. You pledge not to post or transmit over this website any information, materials, or content that could be considered offensive, illegal, or otherwise detrimental to others.

Correctness, Exhaustiveness, and Reliability of the Website Materials

The content of this website is supplied “as is,” and we make no guarantees as to its timeliness, accuracy, or completeness. It should not be used to make decisions or rely on the information found on PromensHealthcare without first consulting primary sources that are more credible, accurate, up-to-date, and/or thorough. In short, you should also look elsewhere. You acknowledge that you use this website’s content at your own risk.

PromensHealthcare may have some outdated content. In other words, the information is not necessarily current and is given for reference only. We do not promise to keep this website’s content current or to correct any errors that may appear. You agree that it is solely your obligation to monitor the PromensHealthcare website. We do not promise to keep this website’s content current or to correct any errors that may appear. You agree that it is solely your obligation to monitor the PromensHealthcare website.

Property and Creations Rights 

If the following copyright notice, or substantially equivalent notice, is added at the end of the content or material: PromensHealthcare, then you may use or download one copy of the content and materials from the PromensHealthcare.com website for your own personal, noncommercial use.

Copyright laws in the United States and other countries protect the content and materials uploaded on PromensHealthcare. PromensHealthcare or its rightful owners retain ownership of all aforementioned materials and information. Copyright, trademark, and other laws may be broken if the content and materials are used in a way that is not specifically permitted by these Terms and Conditions

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