If you Have Erectile Dysfunction, Can you Still Get Hard?

Managing Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to have or maintain a firm enough erection for sexual activity. The penile muscle needs more blood circulation for Managing Erectile Dysfunction. 

One particular category of blood vessels dilates extensively to facilitate the influx of blood into the penis. Concurrently, an alternative variety of blood vessels contracts in order to maintain blood retention within the penile region. Neural signals are responsible for the harmonious regulation of blood vessels and better penile function.

Erectile difficulties are mostly responsible for decreasing the excitement of sex. Occasional performance issues affect almost all adult men. But about 30 million men in America experience them on a regular basis. Most men who follow their PCP’s suggestions do not face any difficulty in managing erectile dysfunction.

Causes of Performance issues

In the past, doctors used to think that psychological issues or getting older were the reasons behind this disorder. As you get older, it may take more time for you to feel sexually excited. However, if you experience this issue frequently, you must consult with a good medical professional. He or she will manage your inability to achieve or maintain an erection. 

Moreover, the issue typically does not pertain to mental health. Urologists believe that most men over 50 who experience long-term cases of erection challenges are mainly due to physical issues.

Erectile dysfunction in older men

Blood vessels keep the penile muscle erect while having sex. The main reasons why older men might have trouble getting or maintaining an erection are health conditions. These issues  prevent blood from flowing properly to the penis. These health problems consist of the hardening of the arteries, also known as atherosclerosis. 

Another reason could be a vein in the penis that is not working properly and allows blood to leave too quickly. Other health problems, like hormonal imbalances or surgeries, can also lead to sexual impotence. There are many medicines available on the market for managing erectile dysfunction among older men. 

The men’s nervous system also plays an important role in terms of maintaining an erection in the penis. Certain medications can disrupt the signals in your body that cause an erection problem. Some examples of these drugs are those that are used to treat conditions like high blood pressure, cancer, or depression. Alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs like marijuana can also cause erection problems.

Why are erectile issues common in younger men?

Emotional stress can trigger erectile insufficiency in young adults. Not talking well with your partner or having different preferences for sex can cause stress and worry. Medicines are there for young adults to keep their stress levels lower. These stress reduction medications are also helpful for managing erectile dysfunction. 

Other reasons behind this problem among young men are depression, sexual doubts, and others. Affected men must reduce their emotional stress level to better address erectile issues. 

Treatments for Managing Erectile Dysfunction

Researchers are continuing to study new ways for managing erectile dysfunction. But there are already many approved treatments available that work well for treating this ailment. The below-mentioned medications are also effective for male sexual function: 

      • Kamagra 100

      • Kamagra Oral Jelly

      • Vidalista 40mg

      • Cenforce 100mg

      • Cenforce Professional

      • Vidalista 60mg

      • Fildena 100

      • Vilitra 60mg


    There is a core connection between erectile challenges and physical health. When diabetes causes  sexual impotence, it’s crucial to work closely with your primary care provider. He or she will help to take care of your overall health. Changing your habits and way of living can also have a big impact. 

    The affected men should quit smoking, manage their weight, follow a healthy diet, exercise and consume less alcohol. These changes are inevitable for managing erectile dysfunction.  

    Oral medications

    Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5) work well in managing erectile dysfunction among men. The most popular Oral ED Medications include tadalafil (Adcirca, Cialis), sildenafil (Revatio, Viagra) and vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn). 

    In the United Kingdom, after talking to a pharmacist, you can buy sildenafil without a prescription. You must have a valid prescription to purchase ED drugs in the USA. This is because a valid prescription is most beneficial for managing erectile dysfunction. 

    These drugs are also available online on reputed websites like Ed pills forever. They are beneficial for the affected men because they do not affect their health too much. However, they do not make someone’s penis get hard by itself. You will still need some kind of sexual excitement. This is the best natural condition for managing erectile dysfunction. 

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    Erectile failure is a common sexual disorder that disrupts men’s sexual enjoyment. The quality of sexual satisfaction of men decreases because of this inability to get or keep an erection. This disorder includes multiple reasons, starting from the health condition of the affected man to his emotional condition. Although dealing with it can be difficult, it is crucial to know that there are effective treatments that help in managing erectile dysfunction. 

    Making lifestyle changes, taking oral medications, and trying other therapeutic methods can come to your rescue. It doesn’t always mean not being able to get an erection at all. Some people can still feel turned on but have difficulty keeping the erection. It is really important to ask a medical expert for advice if you want to know what’s wrong with you and get a treatment plan that fits your needs. 

    In general, people need to understand why they have trouble getting or keeping an erection and know what can help If they are able to get an answer to this, then they can take control and make their sexual health and well-being better.


    What is ED?

    It is a serious sexual problem that is responsible for reducing sexual satisfaction. 

    What are the reasons for erectile failure?

    It can have multiple causes. In older men, it is often connected to health problems like hardened arteries or diabetes. Younger guys might have trouble getting or keeping erections because of their feelings. It can be stress or sadness. Medicines, how you live, and problems with hormones can also make a difference.

    What are the usual treatments for erectile issues?

    You can also take medications like Vidalista 40mg or Fildena 100 to improve the condition. These medications make erections stronger. They also help in managing erectile dysfunction.The erection don’t happen on their own. You still need to be sexually aroused. Changing lifestyles or quitting smoking can also help to resolve erection issues. 


    • Open communication
    • Incorporate modifications to their lifestyle
    • Enroll in therapy
    • Use lubricant or a device while having sex.
    Can a person with erectile concerns still feel physically turned on?

    Yes, people with ED can still get physically turned on. However, they might have trouble keeping an erection in certain situations. This can make them anxious about their performance. Erections can happen without control, like when one is sleeping. A medical expert can help in managing erectile dysfunction.

    How can I make my sexual health better with ED?

    Improving sexual health with this ailment means the following: 

    1. Getting help from a doctor 
    2. Look into different treatment choices, 
    3. Make changes in your daily life like drinking and smoking less
    4. Being active 
    5. Dealing with any emotional worries. 

    It is important to know about the condition and how to treat it in order to have a healthy and satisfying sexual life and managing erectile dysfunction well.

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