Can Diabetes Lead to Erectile Dysfunction?

diabetes and erectile dysfunction

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

Diabetes and erectile dysfunction are related, High sugar levels in men can lead to problems like erectile dysfunction in men. People may have erectile dysfunction even, if they have diabetes or not. Diabetes increases the risk of erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction in Men may be in the case of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

High blood sugar levels cause harm to the body’s blood vessels and nerves. The blood vessels which flow the blood to the penis also get damaged, and all the senses of reproductive organs are lost. The result is a loss of pride and confidence in oneself. Sex is taboo, and people don’t open up on that topic. However, talking about problems related to sex with a doctor is a very important thing nowadays.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Chemicals play a vital role in the intricate process of sexual arousal. A person’s blood vessels, brain, hormones and emotions are involved. Erectile Dysfunction Causes due to missing any of the parts mentioned earlier. There are various physical and mental problems which can cause erectile dysfunction. We will discuss physical problems which can lead to ED, and they are as follows:

    • Heart disease 

    • Atherosclerosis

    • High cholesterol

    • Hypertension

    • Diabetes

    • Obesity

    • Drug abuse

    • Low testosterone

    • Medicines

    • Tobacco

    • Sleep disorders

Now we will talk about mental problems which can cause erectile dysfunction, which is given below:

The brain is an important part of the body which looks after many physical and psychological events. One of the events is erection, which happens with sexual excitement. There are many things which can decrease sexual excitement and can increase the problem of ED. Some of the problems are given below:

    • Depression

    • Anxiety

    • Stress

    • Poor relationship 

Tests and Diagnosis

The Evaluation of Impotence:

The doctor will take some tests in which he will ask about medical history, and he will conduct a physical exam. Through these tests, he will decide what treatment is best for you. Additional testing will be done if the doctor suspects a serious illness, such as Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction. The doctor will suggest a specialist.

Some of the tests for serious medical conditions are as follows:

    • Physical exam: The doctor checks the penis, testicles and nerves, stimulating the blood flow to the penis.

    • Blood tests: From this test, the health condition is diagnosed, like heart disease, low testosterone levels, diabetes and erectile dysfunction.

    • Urine test: Diabetes will be checked by urine analysis.

    • Ultrasound: With the aid of an ultrasound scan, a physician can evaluate blood flow to the penis. To induce an erection, the doctor may administer one of many injections intended to boost blood flow to the penis.

    •  Psychological exam: The doctor might ask questions related to depression and anxiety.

Lifestyle Tips:

    • Eating a healthy diet and doing exercise:

Exercise can help with reducing health conditions like diabetes and erectile dysfunction which plays a vital role in erectile dysfunction in many ways. Physical activity has been linked to a decrease in stress, an aid in weight loss, and an improvement in overall blood flow.

    • Weight loss: 

Try to lose weight as possible, as it may increase the risk of Diabetes and erectile dysfunction.

    • Stress reduction: 

Stress management is a very important thing in today’s world. The goal of this method is to reduce stress and make regular tasks easier. Exercise and meditation will help reduce stress and also helps in reducing various types of health condition.


    • Hormone therapy:

The level of testosterone and other reproductive hormones is kept in balance with the help of hormone therapy. Through this hormone therapy, people should notice a reduction in Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction and an increase in sexual urges. The erections will get normal after hormone therapy. The benefits of hormone replacement treatment are as follows:

    • Discreet treatment 

    • Improved sexual function

    • Easy to use delivery methods

    • Minimum side effects

    • Long-lasting Results

Hormone therapy is better than penile implant surgery or a vacuum pump.

    • Penile injection therapy:

Penile injection therapy is started when oral medicines are not helping to cure ED. The other reason is that when you cannot take the necessary dose. These injections are administered intrapenally just before sex.

The injections are injected five to ten minutes before the intercourse. This may be the best treatment for you to enjoy your sex life. A very fine, short needle is used in the process. The people’s feedback about the process is that they tell that it feels like pulling hair. These injectable medications improve genital circulation.

Erection caused by this ED therapy stays up to sixty minutes. If anyone has an erection for more than sixty minutes, they should visit the doctor. Stick to the doctor’s orders and avoid giving yourself more than one shot every week. 

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    • Vacuum pump therapy: 

A hollow tube with a pump attached to it is called a penis pump or vacuum pump. The hollow tube is connected to a battery or hand-powered pump. A pump is used to remove air from the penis after the tube has been placed on it.

When the air is sucked out of the penis, a vacuum is formed that draws blood there. When the blood flow causes the penis to erect, a tension ring is employed to keep the blood from leaking out. The vacuum device is then removed. The erection produces with the help of a pump lasts long to have sex. When you’re done having sex, you can take the tension ring off.

A side effect like bruising of the penis is possible. Due to the tension ring, ejaculation is impossible, and the penis might get cold. The doctor will suggest a specific model if this ED therapy is right for you. 

    • Psychological support:

If erectile dysfunction in men is happened due to mental problems like stress, anxiety or depression, then your doctor will tell you to visit a psychologist.

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From the above article, we conclude that erectile dysfunction in men happens when there is less blood flow to the penis. Erectile dysfunction might have many potential origins.

Any current medical condition increases the risk of erectile dysfunction. People who are suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and erectile dysfunction are more susceptible. lifestyle changes like eating, sleeping habits should be changed.

People should not take drugs like alcohol or smoking. All men should follow a healthy diet which increases the level of testosterone. There are various devices which can help reduce Diabetes and erectile dysfunction. the doctor will ask you about the medical history and family background. Diabetes is a genetic disease and if diabetes is happened before in the house to any elder person then it may travel further in the family.


Only males can experience erectile dysfunction. No erection of the penis occurs during sexual activity. The treatment is possible with medicines and devices used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction caused by diabetes can sometimes be reversed by maintaining stable blood sugar levels and embracing a healthy lifestyle. However, speaking with a healthcare practitioner for specific recommendations is crucial.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) symptoms can be alleviated in a variety of ways. If you have any bad habits, then stop it right now. Smoking and alcohol consumption is bad for sexual health. If you are overweight, then try exercises which help you reduce weight. Your sleep should be good. Reduce the dose of the other medicines you are taking. Take care of your mental health.

Yes, erectile dysfunction caused by diabetes is typically avoidable and treated by alterations in one’s way of living.

Absolutely. Many diabetic men with erectile dysfunction can still enjoy a satisfying sexual life with medical counselling, lifestyle adjustments, and effective therapy.

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